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Mamão caipira
Ao crescer no norte do Paraná não havia papaias – existia o mamão caipira, carregava fartamente, era perfumado e fazia parte do nosso cardápio geral. A cor típica era amarela e super doce. Tive que voltar exatamente para a minha cidade natal para enc... further details
R$ 7,00 - 10 sementes por pacote
R$ 12,00 - 20 sementes por pacote
Arroz sequeiro, Arroz do seco
O arroz do seco (arroz para ser plantado em terras mais altas como na Serra Gaucha). Um arroz que de gosto nos lembra o arroz Basmati tailandês. Plantio a partir de setembro, ele está sendo mais e mais cultivado na nossa região, também na agricultura... further details
R$ 8,00 - 50 sementes por pacote
R$ 14,00 - 100 sementes por pacote
Jamelão Cruá (Sicana odorifera)
No primeiro ano que plantamos essa trepadeira vigorosa tivemos um mar de flores amarelas super lindas, nada de frutos. No verão passado – poucas flores e finalmente frutos! Adoramos o suco e ficamos encantados com o gosto exótico desses frutos. Em c... further details
R$ 6,00 - 8 sementes por pacote
Lulo (Solanum quitoense)
Lulo (Solanum quitoen). Rather unknown in Europe these about 6.25 cm large fruit have a fruit salat taste. With its slightly sour taste it is perfect for juices, ice cream, cookies or cocktails. It is also known as Naranjilla in its country of origi... further details
R$ 5,00 - 12 seeds per packet
Solanum abutiloides
From the Dwarf Tomato Tree and Tamarillo Family, this solanum growns very quickly and already carries fruit in the first year. As friends told us the jam from this small yellow-orange fruit is delicious. Also a very ornamental bush.... further details
R$ 6,00 - 20 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 - 50 seeds per packet
R$ 60,00 - 500 seeds per packet
Tamarillo (Solanum betaceum, syn. Cyphomandra beta
Tamarillo (Solanum betaceum, syn. Cyphomandra betacea) a 2-5 meter high tree or shrub which bears the delicious egg shaped tamarilo fruit. Can be eaten fresh from the tree, prepared as juice, jam – there is no limitation to the the culinary creativit... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Snow melon
Snow melon - a speciality from the South of Brazil. Nobody can inform us as to how and when it was introduced in this region, but only the descendants of German imigrants from the Hunsrück region cultivate them. A melon which can weigh up to 5 kg. an... further details
R$ 5,00 - 8 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 -
Wild Strawberries - Fragaria Indica
Wild Strawberries - Fragaria Indica / Duchesnea Indica –we find this perennial mock strawberry very attractive with is green foilage, yellow blooms and red fruit. The strawberries do not compare to the cultivated forms but their colorful “carpets” a... further details
R$ 5,00 - 20 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 -
Solanum Muricatum - Rocket Melon Pepino Gold
The Rocket Melon ist perfect for planting in hanging baskets with its yellow fruit with lilac design. It is a delicious small version of a melon with a special note, carrying a vast number of fruit all year round.... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Momordica charantia - Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon
Momordica charantia or Bittermelon – belongs to the squash family.In Asia and Africa it is part of the staple diet and widely used for medicinal purposes. Studies are being carried out in several countries regarding their positive effect on people su... further details
R$ 5,00 - 6 seeds per packet

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