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Flowers / Creepers
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Black Eyed Suzanne (Thunbergia alata)
Conhecida no Brasil por nomes menos adequados em grande parte, é uma trepadeira vigorosa que se enche de flores amarelas/alaranjadas com o centro preto basicamente o ano todo. Boa para disfarçar muros menos atraentes, cobrir pergolas ou simplesmente ... further details
R$ 6,00 - 12 sementes por pacote
Asarina Lophospermum erubescens
Uma trepadeira com origens no México, que gosta de muito sol em áreas mais frias (anual) e sombra parcial nas reigiões mais quentes (perene). Perfeita para plantar direto no jardim em cercas, em vasos pendentes ou em vasos com estacas. Inúmeras flor... further details
R$ 5,00 - 20 sementes por pacote
R$ 8,00 - 50 sementes por pacote
R$ 20,00 -
Ipoméia Sunrise Serenade
Ipoméia Sunrise Serenade – uma planta exepcional com flores lilas-vermelhas semi-dobradas, com um centro branco. Plantamos ela pela primeira vez na primavera do ano passado aos pés da nossa estufa, assim ela tinha o sol direto e o calorzinho vindo d... further details
R$ 5,00 - 12 sementes por pacote
R$ 8,00 - 24 sementes por pacote
R$ 25,00 -
Ipomoea alba or Moonflower
The byname Moonflower is due to the fact that its snow white flowers of about 15cm open in the afternoon and then remain open until early in the morning. The perennial plant has extremely fragrant large flowers. ... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Aristolochia elegans
A vigorous climber which used to grow on our varanda where I grew up in “the middle of nowhere” in the State of Parana. We children used to play with the little “baskets” hiding the seeds of this plant. A native from Brazil – such as many other varie... further details
R$ 6,00 - 12 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 - 25 seeds per packet
Nasturtium – Tropaeolum majus L.
With its variety of colors and designs this quick growing annual climber is perfect to cover unsightly walls and gives city balconies the illusion of the country site. Not only applicable as a defensive plant when cultivated side by side with many ty... further details
R$ 6,00 - 12 seeds per packet
Passiflora Capsularis
Passiflora Capsularis – a very special of its kind with small, snow white flowers and each leaf depicting the perfect silhouette of a cat. Easily grown from seeds. ... further details
R$ 6,00 - 10 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 -
Mutisia Coccinea
This is a rarer climber with highly attractive flowers and seed heads which are frequently visited by hummingbirds. It starts blooming in spring time and is still seen  on the vines in late summer. ... further details
R$ 6,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Manettia luteorubra - Brazilian fire cracker
A native Brazilian climber, the combination of yellow-red make these flowers look like miniature candles. It grows in shady places and flowers almost all year round, specially in the colder months. It inspired us to call our site Sambalina Sementes a... further details
R$ 6,00 - 15 seeds per packet
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