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Amaranto africano
As sementes originais foram nos dadas pela nossa amiga Clara Brandão (obrigada!) com a dica de que as folhas seriam bem mais gostosas do que espinafre. E confirmamos isso, além de que toda a planta é um enfeite, desde as folhas às sementes. Decidimos... further details
R$ 4,00 - 20 sementes por pacote
R$ 6,00 - 40 sementes por pacote
R$ 10,00 - 80 sementes por pacote
Cinnamomum tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Cinnamomum tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) – originally from Sri Lanka, Burma and India, this tree has been growing for decades in the South of Brazil. The cinnamon we use in the kitchen comes from one of these trees. It grows quickly and forms a dense... further details
R$ 5,00 - 12 seeds per packet
White Bell Tree - Coutarea hexandra
White Bell Tree - Coutarea hexandra. This tree was in full bloom in november and dezember on our farm. It took as a very long time do discover its name as it has become very rare due to its use for medicinal purposes. So here we are now offering seed... further details
R$ 6,00 - 14 seeds per packet
Birch tree – bétula pendula
In the middle ages the birch tree was seen as the tree of wisdom and Hildegart von Bingen already mentioned it in the 12th century for its medicinal properties. This beautiful tree with its typical white bark is a pioneer tree which also grows in ari... further details
R$ 5,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 - 50 seeds per packet
R$ 15,00 -
Bixa orelana L.
A fasts growing and very ornamental tree with highly attraktive seed pods, which can be kept in a vase for months. Due to their red color these seeds are used in the cuisine and to dye fabrics. The indians in the Amazone region use them in religiou... further details
R$ 3,00 - 12 seeds per packet
R$ 6,00 - 25 seeds per packet
Ochna serrulata Walp. – Ochna atropurpurea
Ochna serrulata Walp. – Ochna atropurpurea DC. or Mickey Mouse plant. This 2 to 3 m high bush has yellow flowers in spring time. But its real beauty stems from the flower calyx which remains – first green and later turning red – in stark contrast to ... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 -
Physalis ixocarpa purple
In Mexico and many other countries the Physalis ixocarpa purple is well known for the delicious salsas and other sauces produces from its ripe fruit. Plants are easi... further details
R$ 8,00 - 7 seeds per packet
Red Amaranthus
This amaranthus is a very ornamental plant which attracts innumerable birds.... further details
R$ 4,00 - 40 seeds per packet
R$ 6,00 - 80 seeds per packet
Yacon - Smallanthus sonchifolius
Yacon has been cultivaded by the Peruvian indians for centuries. It grows extremly fast and produces in abundance. The heavy sweet roots can be stored for a long period of time and is very propitious for ecological plantation as it has hardly any nat... further details
R$ 15,00 - 1 rhizome
R$ 25,00 - 2 rhizomes
Physalis Peruviana
Physalis peruviana, belongs to the solanaceae family and thus adores warmth and sunshine. The yellow fruit is covered by a papery pod and has numerous small seeds. It is beautiful as decoration in any desert and irresistable first covered in marzipan... further details
R$ 5,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 - 50 seeds per packet
R$ 15,00 -
... further details
R$ 5,00 -
Hibscus sabdariffa - Roselle
The Roselle or Hibiscus Sabdariffa from the Malvaceae family, is a medium sized bush with very ornamental white flowers with a red nucleus. Its inedible green calyces are covered by second calyces which are edible. Ripe these calyces are of a deep ro... further details
R$ 6,00 - 15 seeds per packet
R$ 12,00 -
Sesbania punicea - Rattlebox Tree or Spanish Gold
A fast growing tree bearing bright red-orange flowers all summer long. Although its flowers and leaves are very delicate it is a very hardy plant. A tropical sun-loving plant which should be brought indoors or into a green house in winter time. All p... further details
R$ 5,00 - 8 seeds per packet

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