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Vegetables / Beans and Peas
8 products have been found
Feijão de Asas - Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
Conhecida no ingles principalmente como Winged pea ou Goa Bean, mesmo que provavelmente é native da Nova Guinéia, esta planta atualmente já é encontrada em diversos paises e continentes. Alta em nutrientes, basicamente a planta toda é comestível. A... further details
R$ 8,00 - 10 sementes por pacote
Christmas Lima Beans b&w (Phaseolus lunatus)
A bean with a difference - each one wearing a different black and white design on these larger and flatter beans than most. Tasty to eat these gorgeous beans are also perfect for handydraft. We were surprised on the amount of beans harvested from on... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Heirloom Sweet Pea
This heirloom sweet pea was given to me some two years ago by a friend together with the information that it is well known in this region and has been cultivated here for decades. I was warned that they turn into large climbers, still I was astonishe... further details
R$ 6,00 - 20 seeds per packet
Rice bean or ricebean (Vigna umbellata)
A warm-season legume with beautiful yellow flowers and small, delicious, edible beans in light green or red. It grows rapidly and produces large amounts of rahter like rice looking beans. Probably it grew as a wild bean in Asia long before being kn... further details
R$ 5,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 - 50 seeds per packet
Hyazinth Bean, LabLab Bean or Dolichos Bean
Hyazinth Bean, LabLab Bean or Dolichos Bean. Although this bean was being planted wide spread all over Brazil some 50 years ago, it is now hard to come by even here. With only four plants we harvested enough seeds to offer them on this site now and ... further details
R$ 5,00 - 6 seeds per packet
R$ 9,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 15,00 - 50 seeds oer packet
Yard long bean (vigna unguiculata)
Specially used in the Chinese and general Asian kitchen, as it is perfectly suited for quick frying in the Wok not having the high concentration of poisenois substances as ordinary green beans which have to be cooked. A climbing bean which reaches ... further details
R$ 6,00 - 10 seeds per packet
Feijão olho de cabra vermelho-branco - Inglês
Inglês - Um feijão muito vistoso, de um tamanho bem maior do que de custume, – tanto para a cozinha como para a cesta de artesanato. A variante preta-branca estamos plantando esse ano e portanto ainda nao temos um número suficiente para oferecerm... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 sementes por pacote - Inglês
Ervilha amarela Golden Sweet - Inglês
Inglês - Uma ervilha vistosa e rara – as flores são da cor azul-celeste e as vagens de um amarelo claro. Um deleite para os olhos, na horta e também na cozinha. As vagens são bem doces – como o próprio nome já o diz.... further details
R$ 5,00 - 10 sementes por pacote - Inglês
R$ 8,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 14,00 - 50 seeds per packet

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