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Vegetables / Cucumbers
6 products have been found
Pepino orgânico Marketmore
Uma variedade muito popular, que consistentemente produz pepinos deliciosos, levemente doces com uma pele verde escura. As plantas são altamente resistentes a pragas e doenças e produzem por um longo período tanto em períodos frios como quentes. Esse... further details
R$ 6,00 - 15 sementes por pacote
R$ 10,00 - 30 sementes por pacote
Pepino de metro Yamato
Yamato, uma palavra usada no Japão para descrever algo que representa o tradicional, o antigo, o histórico e nesse sentido o crioulo, um cultivo antigo. Um pepino que alcança por volta de 1 metro, nunca perdendo o gosto pelo tamanho. Produz bem em c... further details
R$ 6,00 - 10 sementes por pacote
White Heriloom Cucumber
We were given just a few seeds from a neighbouring farmer some three years ago and ever since we plant it every year. It was the only cucumber which resisted last years extreme draught and we harvested enough to enjoy them in natura and to make enoug... further details
R$ 6,00 - 20 seeds per packet
Mexican Mini-Cucumber - Melothria Scabra
This only 3-4 cm large cucumber will give every salad a very special look and even children who normally are not given to like vegetables love this Mexican variety. A very proliferous climber. ... further details
R$ 5,00 - 12 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 - 25 seeds per packet
Kiwano - cucumber
A lively climber which carries an extremely large number of cucumber like fruit - except that they look more interesting and can also be kept for months as a decoration when mature, when their color turns into shades of green, yellow, orange. When ... further details
R$ 5,00 - 15 seeds per packet
R$ 8,00 - 30 seeds per packet
R$ 14,00 - 50 seeds per packet
Maxixe - Brazilian Cucumber
This famous native Brazilian or African cucumber, which even in Brazil has been widely forgotten or replaced by modern gurkins, is delicous raw, in stews and many native dishes. Pickled it even surpasses the normal cucumbers in taste. ... further details
R$ 4,00 - 15 seeds per packet
R$ 6,00 - 25 seeds per packet
R$ 10,00 - 50 seeds per packet

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