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Until 3 years ago we, Gyps (with two Muscat de Provence) and Verônica (with Wampgundo), were the oweners of a well established Soup Bar in Berlin, always eager to offer the best possible quality and going out of our way to acquire natural poducts as ingredients for our soups.

This experience has tought us that quality always prevails. As we both wished to live in the country and Verônica always wanted to return to her home country Brazil, we decided to acquire a property between Gramado and Nova Petrópolis, in the most southern Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul.

As initially we had great difficulty in finding the herbs we were used to in this region, we expanded our repertoire especially in this area and we will continuously do so, specially a great number of native medicinal plants.

On 5th January, 2011 we finally received our certification as certified organic producers and farmers, something we had been working on since arriving on this plot of land.

On the recipy page we will periodically insert some new ideas for delicious seasonable vegetarian dishes made with local vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Verônica turned vegetarian 30 years ago and has been actively fighting for animal rights for even longer.

Please take your time to scroll through the products on offer, send us your queries – and – should you live close by or visit this area – we are always glad to receive visitors.

Our website is named after a native climber - Manettia Luteorubra – which in Germany is nicknamed "Sambalina".


As we grow the majory of seeds ourselves and also depend on the tricks of nature, there might be occasions when we are out of stock. We will do our utmost to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Every book is dedicated to someone one loves. This Website is dedicated to Mully Mullino– who made this long and arduous journey with us but who was given a much too short sejourn in the "New World" with us.

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